Blog Discoveries – Winter Edition


Winter in Los Angeles isn’t very wintery, but I take the opportunity to get cozy, watch movies, read library books, bake bread, drink tea, and discover new authors and creators online.

I’m a bit behind the curve on discovering these bloggers (they’ve been blogging for years). I’ve thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in their archives, and thought you might like to also!

Paris To Go

Ariana’s blog about her zero waste and gluten-free adventures in Paris, and now back in the States, is a breath of fresh air. It’s not photo-heavy but text-heavy; it’s authentic and personal and intimate, and I love it for that. Ariana’s confidence in her personal style, minimalism, and zero waste choices shines through her writing and inspires her readers. She also has some of the best lists of resources and ideas for zero waste alternatives that I’ve seen, including her Zero Waste, Plastic Free Alternatives Master List.

Rose Recast

Savannah at Rose Recast blogs about ethical fashion, green beauty, vegan food, and DIY projects — what’s not to love? Her blog is full of fun and easy tutorials, ethical shopping guides, product reviews, and musings on how to live our best lives.

Zero Waste Chef

While not vegan (Confession: I just skip over posts with animal products), Anne Marie of Zero Waste Chef is a zero waste goddess, and I am inspired by her daily. The photographs of her packaging-free shopping trips are make me drool (and then kick my butt into gear to reduce all packaging even further in my own life). Her photos and writing may be aspirational for her readers, but they are very real for her — this is actually how her family shops and cooks and eats, and it’s beautiful. She also provides a number of excellent tutorials on plastic-free kitchen activities (like freezing food without plastic and reducing energy use in the kitchen). I would recommend starting with her last post of 2017, on going plastic-free in 2018 — it’s great.

So, grab a cup of tea, a blanket, and a cat to keep your lap warm, and dive in!

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